BraAgas is a world and medieval music band from Prague. They were formed in year 2007 and get over many concerts and performences around all Europe (and out of Europe as well) and released 5 albums - last three are released under label Indies Scope.
Among their biggest successes is include
Anděl 2009 award - czech version of Grammy - for album Tapas in world music genre (2009), nomination for this award for album Fuerte (2012) and Anděl 2014 for album Yallah!

BraAgas - world music

BraAgas repertoire consists traditional songs from Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Scandinavia.
BraAgas admires the beauty
of Sephardic songs, lively and melancholic songs of Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, but also a rough female folklore of Northern Europe. Enchant you with its unique vocals, vivid rhythms, but also non-traditional brass and string instruments.


Kateřina Göttlichová - vocal, cister, guitar, bagpipe, shawn
Karla Braunová - vocal, flutes, shawns, chalumeau, clarinet
Michala Hrbková - vocal, violin, fiddle, cister
Michaela Krbcová - drums, percussion, vocal

Extended setup:
Jan Hrbek - semi-acoustic bass
Daniela Bryndová - viola, vocal
Bety Josefy
- vocal, drums, percussions










BraAgas - medieval music

BraAgas performes also on medieval events with special ancient repertoir, dressed with beautiful historical costumes.

Here you can choose of touted programes:

Medieval market - louder acoustic performance - enriched with medieval bagpipes - suits well also for parades.

Medieval concert - Cantigas de St. Maria, Libre Vermell, Sephardic songs, Occitan songs, Carmina Burana etc.
Fine noble costumes, historical instrumentes and unplugged possibility.

Medieval banquette - we perform also on commercial events.